See what the buyers say…

New York Produce Show floor


Bob Licker – US Foods
“This is the best show. It’s absolutely phenomenal. We’ve been on the floor since ten o’clock this morning, and I’ve yet to see half the show.”


Paul Hamilton – Kings Food Markets
“It’s just a great event and a great opportunity to learn more, to educate yourself, to educate other people and to become more involved in the produce industry. ”


Marianne Santos — Wakefern
“Seeing product that isn’t carried locally, yet from companies around the globe, it gives us a starting point for what we should do at retail.”


Rich Dachman — Sysco
“We’re able to very methodically walk through the show, casually meet with our suppliers. It tends to be a great environment to do business at the show.”


Vic Savanello – Allegiance Retail Services
“Every buyer is looking for that thing they can come away from the show and say, ‘that was a home run for me.’ Going to this show and coming away with something like that is exactly why we come here.”

New York Produce Show floor


Richard Thorpe – Whole Foods Market
“It’s more intimate. It’s a place where I can get through it in a day. I can see a lot of people in a short amount of time and really focus on the business at hand. ”


Tim Payne – Sysco Foods
“You come to the show and meet a different vendor, a different exhibitor, and find out they’re here locally, and we do have the opportunity to do business with them now.”


Benjamin Walker — Baldor Specialty Food
“Ever since coming to the Javits Center, the show has come to a whole new level. We use these three
days to really network, talk about how to improve our business not just from a customer standpoint, but from our supplier/vendor relationships as well.”


Lindsey Inserra – Inserra Supermarkets Inc.
“We’re so excited to be here because we want to see all the new products.”


Paul Kneeland – Fresh Formats/Ahold
“It really is important to us from a strategic standpoint to look at this show and look at how it fits in our company, and that’s the pieces that are missing where we can fill the gaps right here in the show.”

December 5-8, 2016

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