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2023 New Product Showcase

New York Produce Show & Conference

Asparagus Snacks

Altar Produce LLC

Booth 313

Elevate your snacking experience with Asparagus Snacks, available in two exceptional flavors: zesty chili-lime and savory garlic parmesan. Savor the dynamic blend of chili-lime or indulge in the robust notes of garlic parmesan, all encapsulated in each delicate asparagus spear. Altar’s Asparagus Snacks offer a health-conscious option, packed with nutrients. Whether you enjoy them as a standalone chip or as a delightful addition to your favorite salad, these snacks offer a convenient way to infuse your diet with wholesome goodness. Use them to elevate your steak, accentuate the flavors of your salads, or simply enjoy them on their own as a satisfying and nutritious snack.

Avocado Chips

BranchOut Food Inc

Bursting with good fats, fiber and the rich, creamy avocado flavor you love, BranchOut Avocado Chips are the perfect, nutritious snack to keep you fueled. Made with 100% pure Hass avocados, these crispy, crunchy avocado slices are seasoned with sea salt and a hint of lime. Real avocado slices, dried and seasoned.

Hydroponic Radishes

Eagle Export Inc.

Booth 119

Hydroponic Radishes: red bunch, 3 colour bunch, french breakfast bunch, top sealed red, top sealed three colour.

Giorgio Fresh Mushroom Blends

Giorgio Fresh Company

Booth 214

Giorgio Fresh 6/6oz Exotic Blends (4 varieties) Power Blend – King Oyster, Shiitake & Maitake; Stir Fry Blend – Shiitake, Oyster & King Oyster; Pasta Blend – Shiitake, Oyster & Crimini; BBQ Blend – Portabella, Shiitake & King Oyster

Better Than a Burger Salad

Gold Coast Packing

Booth 406

Our Burger salad offers all the familiar flavors of the All-American meal of a Burger and Fries but in a bowl! Featuring a mix of Napa Cabbage, Green Cabbage, Kale, Broccoli Stem and Carrots, then topped off with shredded cheddar cheese, crispy onions, crispy fries, dill & mustard crouton crumbles then brought together with a creamy burger sauce! Making it a complete meal is easy, just add ground beef or turkey. Better Than a Burger salad is offered in a 24oz. pack size and is available to ship nationwide with a 16-day shelf life.

Loop Mission

Loop Mission

Booth 201

LOOP Mission is a circular economy project that aims to reduce food waste by repurposing the outcasts of the food industry. In a nutshell, we save fruits and veggies that are rejected because they don’t have the proper shape, size or a shelf life that is not long enough to survive the cycle of distribution. We then transform them into awesome cold pressed juices & more!

Classic Beet Salad Kit

Love Beets

Booth 201

Love Beets’ Classic Beet Salad Kit features a tried-and-true classic combination: Beets, goat cheese, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to with our convenient cooked and ready-to-eat beets. Our Classic Beet Salad kit can be enjoyed with or without greens and makes the perfect quick lunch or dinner side — or top with your favorite protein to turn it into an entrée!

Sizzling Sautés Mushroom Kits - Fajita, Teriyaki, and Thai

Monterey Mushrooms, LLC

Bringing You an Easy & Delicious Mushroom Side Dish! “Meet” Our Sizzling Sautés. 12 oz sliced mushrooms + 1.5 oz packet of sauce = the perfect umami-rich side. Life is busy, these side dish solutions will make it easy for your customers to indulge in their love of food and cooking. Available in three bold flavors: Fajita, Teriyaki, and Thai. We’ve taken care of the toughest part – slicing and spicing. All three items feature 12 ounces of sliced high vitamin D mushrooms* and a 1.5oz sauce packet.

Tasteful Selections® Potatoes Your Way™


Booth 143

INNOVATING to meet the evolving needs of retailers & consumers! The joy of cooking with VERSATILITY & CONVENIENCE! Fresh potatoes with perfectly crafted seasoning & tantalizing prep options are sure to satisfy every palate!

TWO flavors: GARLIC PARSLEY | Delightful combination of savory garlic, parsley & creamy potatoes. ZESTY ITALIAN HERB | Vibrant, rustic herb mix with a light touch of red pepper warmth & creamy potatoes.

FEATURES: Sustainable Fiber Tray | Recyclable; Compostable; Microwaveable, Cook Your Way Instructions Inside

South 40 Snacks Premium Crunchy Nut Bars & Tropical Fruit Bars

South 40 Snacks

Booth 228

South 40 Snacks’ premium crunchy nut bars and tropical fruit bars are elevating the bar snacking experience and are driving incremental growth to produce departments across America. Our nut bars have more premium whole nuts than any other bar and most of the flavors have just four ingredients. Our fruit bars are made with premium mangoes and pineapples and have just 1-3 ingredients depending on the flavor. No junk, fillers, protein additives, or preservatives. We like to say “what you see is what you eat”.

Topline 4oz. Grab n' Go Snacking Tomatoes

Westmoreland Sales – Topline Farms

Booth 456

Healthy snacking made easy! Our new 4oz snacking pack is tailored to the health-centric, on-the-go consumer. With a reclosable lid, it effortlessly fits in a car cupholder, purse or lunch box.

Energy Passionfruit

So Good So You

Booth 213

Set your sights on that passion, and get your energy on with this exotic tropical blend of passionfruit, dragonfruit and coffeeberry (that’s for a cup-of-coffee’s-worth of caffeine, BTW). All-organic because that’s how we roll; gets you revved for your next workout, a big night out, or just because today is calling for everything you’ve got. P.S.—Did we mention that it’s an all-natural mix and zero jitters? Nice, right?

Squeezed Juice

Trinity Fruit Company

Booth 428

Squeezed Juice is 100% juice, no water added, from the freshest California-grown fruits.

Oronai™ Sweet Charentais Melons

Pure Flavor

Booth 205

Oronai™ Charentais melons: A small, fragrant French inspired delight, renowned for their sweet, juicy, and floral-infused flesh. Prized for its sweet, succulent taste, the intensely fragrant Oronai™ Charentais Melon is personal in size with an orange flesh as vibrant as the summer sun. Low in calories, Oronai™ Sweet Charentais Melons contain approximately 25 calories per 100 grams, making them a guilt-free snack. Oronai™ ‘s are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamin A, which supports eye health and immune function.

Tiki Tomatoes™

Pure Flavor

Booth 205

Tropically sweet and juicy, Tiki Tomatoes™ unleash a crunchy burst of fresh flavors, creating beach vibes with sunny & tangy waves—a taste that transports you seaside with every delightful bite. Named for its tropical sweetness, Tiki Tomatoes™ deliver on this promise. A rich snacking experience, these bite-sized tomatoes glow brightly with their cosmic-like exterior while delivering a crunchy bite with balanced flavor.