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New Product Showcase

2021 New York Produce Show & Conference

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AeroFarms Microgreens (Micro Arugula, Micro Broccoli, Micro Kale & Micro Rainbow Mix)


Booth 646

AeroFarms microgreens are produced year-round at the highest quality, offering great visual and flavor excitement to elevate every home cook into a chef. In addition, our smallest greens provide higher nutrient density than their mature green counterparts, offering a powerful way to provide a potent boost of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Responding to consumer demand, AeroFarms is excited to add Micro Arugula, Micro Broccoli, Micro Kale, and Micro Rainbow Mix to our core line to bring vertical farming, elevated flavor to life.

Mini Medjools

Bard Valley Natural Delights

Booth 559

A wholesome snack made with Medjool dates blended with recognizable ingredients the whole family can enjoy! Now in bite size pieces for snackability, portability & likability!

Mixed Greens

Bowery Farming

Booth 470

Mixed Greens is the perfect crunchy and refreshing lettuce blend to use in a simple salad, wrap, or a fresh vegetable bowl. It is comprised of our most crunchy lettuces: Crispy Leaf, Romaine, and Baby Butter. An everyday staple, Mixed Greens is a versatile blend that is the perfect bright base for any dish.

Mustard Frills

Bowery Farming

Booth 470

Three times a year, Bowery Farmings Modern Farmers select a unique green and grow small batches for special retail partners. This January, by popular demand, we’ll re-launch Mustard Frills: a fresh baby mustard green with a tingly start and a fiery wasabi finish. Add it to a favorite soup or stew. A little residual heat makes the greens meld beautifully in broth, packing a spicy crave-worthy kick!

Mediterranean Herb

Cindy’s Kitchen

Booth 630

Cindy’s Kitchen Mediterranean Herb is a delicately blended and perfectly balanced herb marinade. Pair with roasted potatoes, any veggies that you love!

Decas Farms No Sugar Added Dried Cranberries

Decas Farms

Booth 230

Dried Cranberries are a delicious snack packed with health-promoting antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, but most dried cranberries contain 25g of added sugar per serving. Decas Farms No Sugar Added dried cranberries have the same great taste and health benefits as sweetened dried cranberries with ZERO grams of added sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

Patience Fruit & Co. SourCran

Decas Farms

Booth 230

SourCran: When fruit is candy
What if we told you there was a way to satisfy your sweet tooth without loading up on sugar and synthetic additives? Introducing SourCran: a tangy new cranberry that tastes like Sour candy but is high in fiber and only has 8g of sugar, perfect for snacking at absolutely any time of day. We believe that treating yourself can be a part of your healthy lifestyle, and offer a moment of mindful indulgence.

Pinkglow® Pineapple

Del Monte Fresh

Booth 300

Fresh Del Monte’s Pinkglow® Pineapple is the first and only pink pineapple on the market. These exclusive pineapples are harvested by hand in Costa Rica. These limited variety of pineapples have a delicious and unique taste, with notes of candy pineapple aromatics and are juicier and sweeter than a traditional pineapple. As part of our commitment to sustainability, Pinkglow® crowns are removed and replanted in an effort to continue planting more crops and reducing waste. Visit to learn more!


Del Monte Fresh

Booth 300

Fresh Del Monte is excited to announce the arrival of Goodvocado™ avocados, its newest way for consumers to purchase various sizes of avocados all in one pack. Featuring avocados that naturally range from small to large, Goodvocado™ packs allow consumers to customize their use of avocados, ultimately helping them discover new ways to incorporate avocados into their everyday cuisine. Having avocados sized for all occasions lessen the possibility of leftover product, which helps reduce consumer food waste.

Dole Sheet Pan Meal Kits

Dole Fresh Vegetables

Booth 248

With 20oz of fresh, ready-to-roast vegetables and a perfectly paired seasoning – Sheet Pan Meal Kits include everything you need to pair with your favorite protein, for a convenient healthy meal solution in 35 minutes.

Spiceology & ECF Seasoned Veggies

East Coast Fresh

Booth 525

We crafted 12 (with even more coming very soon!) different culinary blends, with flavor profiles perfect for every taste. Each blend of fresh veggies is paired with a packet of spices from Spiceology, and includes cooking instructions for both the oven and air fryer! Dinner sides have never been easier…or more delicious!

Fifth Season x Sabra Mediterranean Hummus and Avocado Ranch RTE Salad Bowls

Fifth Season

Booth 663

Fifth Season, a food system pioneer and robotic farming leader, has teamed up with Sabra, maker of America’s favorite hummus, to introduce the freshest innovation in the produce aisle: two craveable salad bowls that are the perfect alternative to sad salads. Mediterranean Hummus and Avocado Ranch feature Fifth Season’s sustainably-farmed greens paired with delicious, plant-based hummus, guacamole, and whole grains for a portable salad that’s the perfect grab-and-go solutions for when you’re looking for a fresh meal in your home or on on the go!

Organic Greenhouse Salads

Fresh2o Growers

Booth 410

Fresh2o Growers is expanding our already amazing line of unique greenhouse lettuce offerings with the addition of USDA Organic Greenhouse Salads. Greener for the environment. Fresher quality. Healthier for your consumer. Varieties include: Butter Blend, Green Butter, Red Butter, Spring Mix, Red and Green Leaf, and Oak Leaf lettuces. Freshly harvested and packed into convenient 5 oz. salad packs that fit in current retail salad sets. Enhance your salad offerings with Fresh2o Growers Greenhouse lettuces; available year-round from Virginia.

Green Giant Fresh Stir-fry Kits

F&S Produce Co.

Booth 327

Green Giant™ Fresh Stir-Fry Kits provide your family with quick, healthy, satisfying meals while sparing you the prep work! Each fresh vegetable blend includes one of our five deliciously flavorful sauces to toss with and enjoy. Or if you want to create a heartier dish you can add in your favorite protein and make your own unique recipe!

Giorgio Kitchen Pulled Portabella Mushrooms - Barbecue & Sriracha

Giorgio Fresh Co.

Booth 234

Introducing Giorgio’s Kitchen™ Shredded Portabella Mushrooms – a new plant-based meat-alternative meal solution made from America’s Favorite Mushroom®. Healthy, nutritious and delicious, it’s sure to meet consumer demands for cleaner, meat-free meal solutions and take your plant-based sales to higher heights! 

– plant-based/vegetarian

– soy free

– ready to serve 12 oz heat and serve pouch

Queen Victoria Organic Brussels Sprouts

Ippolito International

Booth 441

Available year-round from Ippolito International, the Brussels sprout category leaders: New pre-washed and packaged Queen Victoria organic Brussels sprouts! Packaged in a 2lb bag and shipping in an 18 count display carton, this item goes from warehouse to the shelf in no time.

Jonathan Sprouts Gourmet Veggie Dip

Jonathan’s Organic

Booth 219

New ORGANIC Sprout Infused Chickpea Veggie Dip in 4 flavorful varieties: 1) Wheatgrass Jalapeño Cilantro Veggie Dip, 2) Broccoli Sprout Lemon Zest Veggie Dip, 3) Green Pea shoot Protein Veggie Dip, 4) Original Alfalfa Sprout Veggie Dip.

Bloom Fresh Organic Turmeric Root

S. Katzman Produce

Booth 516

With NEW! Bloom Fresh Organic Turmeric Root, you get the best of both worlds: the long-established benefits of this traditional root, paired with modern, convenient shopper-friendly packaging – and it’s 100% organic. Turmeric has quickly gained its buzzworthy reputation as a superfood due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help aid post-workout recovery, treat arthritis symptoms, improve brain function, and even lower risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer. Stop by booth 516 to see what the buzz is all about!

The Little Potato Company's New Microwave Ready Kit Flavors!

The Little Potato Company

Booth 240

We’ve added two new flavors to our convenient, no-fuss microwave-ready kits! Our new Smoked Salt and Roasted Garlic, Rosemary & Thyme flavors pair perfectly with our Creamer potatoes and come in a pre-packaged steam tray with a seasoning pack! These kits get dinner on the table in just 5 minutes! Perfect for those busy weeknights!

Wild Wonders® Peppers and Snacking Tomatoes

Mastronardi Produce / SUNSET

Booth 629

Discover the World’s Flavors® isn’t just something we say! At SUNSET®, we literally search the world to find unique flavors that go into every variety. That’s why we created the flavorful lineup of Wild Wonders® peppers and snacking tomatoes. Each package includes a perfect mix of colors, sizes, shapes and flavors from all around the world. And since no two packages are the same, you get a different taste adventure every time you try them.

Earth Greens Organic's Elevated Power Greens & Renaissance Spring Mix


Booth 641

Elevated Power Greens is a powerful blend of nutrient-dense, shredded mature greens that consumers can use for salads, cooking, smoothies—this new blend was created to be a healthy addition to any meal. Renaissance Spring Mix is a heartier spring mix that contains crunchy, sweet leaf varieties adding volume and texture, giving a fresh take for consumer appeal.

Morning Kiss Organic Eco Boxes

Arrowfarms/DiSilva Fruit/Gold Bell

Booth 626

100% Paperboard Packaging for organic lemons, limes & avocados. 100% recyclable and compostable!

Garlic & Herb Uncrouton


Booth 329

In the quest for a delicious salad, health is often sacrificed for taste. We’re here to prove that you don’t have to compromise. Ever the innovative thinkers, we created a guilt-free topping which you can use to make a cleaner, more powerful version of your standard fare. Our Garlic & Herb Uncrouton™ is made with seeds, premium almonds, and a selection of refreshing herbs and flavorful garlic. This gluten-free crouton alternative is a perfect fit anywhere croutons usually go, like salads and creamy soups.

The Happy Snack Company Roasted Fava Beans and Chickpea Snacks

Offshoot Brands 

Booth 312

Delicious, healthy, and allergen-friendly whole-food The Happy Snack Company’s roasted fava bean and chickpea snacks are appealing to everyday families. Free from the top nine allergens including dairy, gluten and nuts. Non-GMO & Vegan.

Genuine Coconut Organic Coconut Chunks and Coco Bits

Offshoot Brands 

Booth 312

Launched in 2015, Genuine Coconut specializes in a line of premium and on-the-go convenient coconut water and meat that is 100%
certified organic. Genuine Coconut Chunks come in three flavors, original, vanilla and caramel, and the Coco Bits come in original and vanilla flavors. The Organic Coconut Chunks and Coco Bits are made up of freshly peeled coconut meat and are perfect for quick, easy, on-the-go snacking & delicious recipes! No Preservatives or Added Sugars, Vegan, Gluten-Free, High in Fiber and Potassium.

Veggie Confetti Pickled Vegetables

Offshoot Brands 

Booth 312

Veggie Confetti pickled vegetables were created to top your meals with a pop of color and zing of flavor. In the spirit of confetti, we hope you use our pickled vegetables to celebrate all the colors and flavors on your plate, making every meal worthy of a little pickled celebration. Non-GMO & Gluten-Free!

Garlic Herb Marinated Baby Beets

Offshoot Brands 

Booth 312

Simple and savory, Love Beets’ NEW Garlic Herb Marinated Baby Beets are ready-to-eat and cut inconvenient wedges. Marinated with a splash of vinegar, flavorful garlic, and vibrant herbs, this item offers a classic flavor profile for various eating occasions. Non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten-Free, No Added Sugar or Preservatives.

Ocean Mist Farms Season & Steam Product Line

Ocean Mist Farms

Booth 242

Ocean Mist Farms’ award-winning microwavable steam package makes cooking fresh vegetables easy and convenient! Each Season & Steam package of fresh vegetables are cleaned and ready-to-use. This is the only steam bag that gives the option to pre-season your vegetables, reseal and steam by microwave all within the same bag. This exclusive technology is available for artichokes, sweet baby broccoli, broccoli, cauliflower, vegetable medleys, and three Brussels sprouts items (SuperShreds SuperFood®, Quick Cook Sprouts® and Microwavable Wholes).

Remedy Organics

Remedy Organics

Booth 107

Our Organic Protein Blends are certified USDA organic, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. Each bottle contains Prebiotics that provide strong functional health benefits in the areas of immune health and digestive health. Our products also contain Adaptogens such as Maca and Ashwagandha which are botanicals that can impart strength, energy, stamina, endurance, and mental clarity.

Setton Farms Dry Roasted Scorpion Pepper Seasoned Pistachio Kernels

Remedy Organics

Booth 237

Get ready to feel the burn! We’ve combined the powerful health benefits of pistachios with extreme heat from Trinidad Scorpion peppers. Shelled and seasoned to spicy perfection, our family’s premium, all-natural California pistachios will push your taste buds to the limit. Non GMO Project Verified, Certified Gluten Free, Vegan, No Artificial colors and flavors, no preservatives, Dry Roasted, No oil, Complete Protein Snack, Heart Healthy.